dimanche 29 novembre 2009


This is another school project for my illustration class. I have to paint an environment concept for a mars industrial city.


School project done about a year and a half ago. Done in maya 8,5 for the whole modeling and rendering and did the textures in photoshop.

vendredi 23 octobre 2009


I'm working right now on a skateboard, it's pretty much the first time i do acrylics so it's kind of a rough start, it's just a work in progress, need to work on the shading and evertyhing.

vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Body Painting June 27th 2009

A few months ago, in June cause right now it's like 1st October and it's freezing outside..... I did some body painting in an event in a bar near Montreal. I had to paint on 2 girls in about 3h.

vendredi 25 septembre 2009

Work in Progress

This painting is part of a comic strip I did for a comic strip collective made in Montreal.

I Luv You Miss

Waiting for Support

This one, i'll do some more work on it, specially on colors and then print it on canva.

I'm Fly


What's on Your Mind

Angels with Dirty Faces